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31 December 2010 @ 11:59 pm
Welcome all, to this community where you will find quite a bit of fanfic scribblings and the sort. (:

We're four crazy girls who believe that writing fanfics improve our English and Mandarin. (At least I do, anyway)

Just a little background information of us. We're named GEMZ because there are four of us, and the four letters are an abbreviation of our names. (: One of our classmates back in Sec 2 gave us the name, and we've used it ever since. (: We hope to sparkle like gems in every aspect of our lives, be it school, work or relationships. GEMZ is turning two this year, though the actual date has never been remembered. I'm sorry. (:

Geraldine (lavendersecret) writes mainly Mandarin stories, mostly chapter-by-chapter fanfics.
Emily (myhopeinyou) writes English stories, both chapter-by-chapter and one-shots.
Melody (cupsofmocha) writes English stories, mainly one-shots and shorts. [ I used to write long ones, but I always ended up not finishing them, so this is a better choice. (: ]
Zhuwei (Chloe) writes English stories, mostly chapter-by-chapter and shorts.

So sit back, scroll down, and enjoy our works. (:

And please comment. (:

Thank you. ((: